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Sound Clip 2004 Firebird V Stock Pickups


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Here's a demo clip I made a little while ago with my Marshall Vintage Modern 2466 (100W) and one 4x12 Vintage Modern cabinet with the Celestion Greenbacks.

No gadgets used although there is a very slight reverb off the VM2466 head and stereo compression across the board on the final mix. This particular Marshall amp is the best amp (for my purposes) I've ever had. Prior to this amp it was a 50W Plexi (I had in the late '60's) then a HiWatt 100W (in the '70s). I only wish everybody could've experienced these babies back in there time! eusa_clap.gif


Cable to amp, amp on clean setting with OD channel not activated. My 'bird does both guitar parts.

The rhythm is done on the bridge position ... solo is done in middle position. Sorry 'bout the end ... I got lazy rolleyes.gif

Bass is a Fender Precision with stock pups going direct & totally dry to board. Drums are a loop out of FXpansion's BFD1. Finally, tune is and belongs to Lynyrd Skynard.


Wait .. msp_cursing.gif my file is 1mb .. I gotta reduce it. I'll be back!


OK .. it's now reduced:



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Very clean sounding clip. No pedals or effects right?


The VM2466 head has a digital reverb built in. I always have the setting around 3. Sorry ... bit of an oversight. Also, everything going through the system, final mix goes through a very mild stereo compressor as in any or most recording environments.

These two items are as natural as breathing air is. So ... I stand corrected! Geeeeesh msp_tongue.gif

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