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Straplocks for new '59?


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Hi all! I hate how straplocks look, but don't want to chance this beauty goin' down at gig, can you assist with how to install? Does Gibson offer a lock which doesn't require the goofy toothpick with Elmer's glue deal? You'd think Gibson would sell a lock with same width screw, but just longer so you don't have to alter such a beautiful guitar. Thanks for your help!



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I have recently received my new Les Paul 1959 VOS after a year waiting ... I didnt want to risk the straps coming off either, although I don't gig. I asked the shop to get me some Gibson straplocks and they told me that Gibson don't do straplocks, but the ones Gibson recommend are the Dunlop ones. The Dunlop ones are on my guitar now, it took them 2 minutes to do it, and personally I think they look great, even much better than the originals ...

I could take a couple of pics if you like and put them on here ... ??? ;-)

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The Schallers work fine, but I prefer the Dunlop Dual Design. They don't look bad,

and can be used without the strap part of the straplock as well ( I do it all the time,

provided you're using a decent, sturdy strap, which I would assume you are). Gibson once

upon a time made the Posi-lock strap buttons, which were diamond shaped, but kind of

sharp (ouch!). They're hard to find, command stupid money on ebay IMHO, but I still use

them in a period-correct manner on my early-mid 80's guitars. And if you use the toothpicks

to fill the original strap button holes, you don't really need to use glue, if you're worried

about returning to stock, just make sure you use a few and that the screw will tighten up

well, without having to use a torque wrench!! And check them once in a while. I do it every time I put my guitar(s) on.

Or yeah, just go with the Grolsch bottle red rubber thangs..but

they changed their formula a few years ago :-({|= , they are less flexible/rubbery and more plastic, and they're just not the same. Maybe people will start collecting those..I guess I should have drunk more beer in the '00s!!! :-k

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Oh, and another thing..

get yourself a good guitar stand!!

I've fixed more busted headstocks from guitars

that were layed on/leaned against amps that fell

off/down. Pics like that gtr laying on that amp

make me cringe!!

Beautiful axe, BTW, enjoy it!!

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97.4% of all Pro's use Schaller.


There's a reason for that.msp_biggrin.gif


As a professional guitar tech, I'd have to say it's more like 60/40, but to each

his own. My problem with the Schallers (and I've used them since the late '80's)

is that the nuts come loose easily (I always use blue loc-tite on them) and,

God forbid you forget your strap, those buttons won't hold sh*t with out the strap

end, while the Dunlop are excellent on their own. Just sayin'...

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