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I was messing around in my local music shop a couple of weeks ago looking and playing some Martins and Taylors (they dont have any Gibson's) just playing around when I saw a black gloss Yamaha LLX16 hanging on the wall, it had an abalone rosette and some very nice descrete volume and tone buttons that pushed down flush into the sides, I took it down to have a go and it really felt nice and played great, I put it back and went on my way, I wasn't really looking at buying anything as I am happy with my J45 and Taylor acoustics and I have a nice strat that I use just at home.

Anyway two days ago I found myself back at the shop with an hour or so to spare and just thought I'd have another look at the Yamaha, but it wastn't there, I was very upset, I'd never really thought about it much but I then new that that guitar was for me, it spoke to me and I listened, I asked the guy behind the counter and to my releif they took it down to re-label as they had dropped the price a bit to move the old stock on.

To cut an already long story short I now have that Yamaha and they have my USA strat and £200.

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I have only played a few steel strungs but they were all nice guitars; their classical guitars are lovely instruments. Even the very cheaply priced ones still have that sweet tone [thumbup]


I would love to try some of their high end acoustic guitars; if they are anything like their electrics, they'll be pretty damn hot!



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Yep, I really like my Yamaha Compass Concert series, I am always amazed at the tone and the easy playability. And it has never been set up. (10 years old). The controls are flush to the body and the pickup is very responsive. Very comfortable ergonomics. It is my 2nd goto acoustic, my first is a 2003 Hummingbird

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The Yamaha LL Series used to be called their "handmade series" of guitars......solid woods all around. They were indeed fine instruments! How does it sound compared to your other acoustics? Quieter? Bolder? Bass heavy?



Its not as loud as the J45 but not far off, Its quite well balanced tonally not too bassey not too bright and it has a sweet tone way different to the J45 and my Taylor, in fact I'd say its right in the middle.

I plugged it in to my Roand amp today and I couldn't beleive the sound, this thing is the best sounding acoustic plugged in I have ever heard, It has an undersaddle pickup and an aditional two extra pickups, one on the bass side of the saddle and one on the treb side, each pickup has a volume controll and theres one master volume, you can really get a good range of sounds from this simple setup, so easy to use and as |I said before the four volume controlls push in flush to the body so theres no large square cut out of the side.

The only thing I may change in the future is the plastic nut and saddle to bone and the gold machine heads for some chrome grovers.

Im really in love with this guitar, the poor old 45 hasn't seen daylight for a few days.

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Yamaha does not make any bad products. Period.


Their guitars are arguably the best value in the industry. The ALL play beautifully.


I have an FG750s (sitka over sycamore). It is a great guitar. Very bright tone, and very well built.




Put a bone saddle in your FG750s, it really wakes the guitar up. It really improved the sound of mine as my FG had warmed up a great deal over the years, so the bone saddle brought back that crisp clarity. One thing I noticed lately with the newer FG750S that the grain isn't as pronounced as on the old models, like mine [biggrin] ...





Oh and congratulations Rockanrolla on the LLX16, my Father had an LL16 and it had a beautiful sound.

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