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MCK Continually Loose


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Hello -- I'd like to preface my post by writing that I have been very happy with my Gibson Robot SG; it has opened up a lot of creativity and allowed me to explore a number of alternate tunings. I've had it for several years and it has been worth it despite the little annoyances that crop up from time to time (lesson 1: buy a patch cable for charging).


My issue now is that the MCK doesn't seem to go into the knob (which is, as I understand it, the CPU) firmly. When I tighten the tiny hex nut, the MCK still manages to tilt (almost like a toggle switch) if it is bumped even slightly. This hasn't been an issue at home but I'm going to be playing out and taking the guitar in a soft gig bag and I fear that the MCK will fall off and I will have to sit there with a microscopic allen wrench reattaching it in a dimly lit area while everyone waits for me.


Any advice? Is the CPU impossible to replace? Is the CPU even available (it appears to continually be out of stock)?

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