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Les Paul Heritage 80 elite, the sound of a 50s burst???

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Features : 8

-Made in June of 81, @ the Nashville plant

-Standard Les Paul scale, 22 frets

-2 piece Maple top

-3 way switch, 2 volume, 2 tone

-2 passive Paf style Tim Shaw humbuckers

- 1 peice Mahogany body and neck, Ebony fretboard

-Gloss finish

-TOM bridge, stop tailpiece

-Grover tuners

-C shape neck, low dressed frets


came with chainsaw case, and case candy




Sound : 10

I play as a session musician, so I need to have a guitar that can do everything, and this guitar is up to the challenege, Rock, Rap, Country, Blues, Funk, Mo-town, Thrash Metal, Pop, Punk, rock-a-billy, and jazz.


I use it through a JCM 900, 2100 model, and a JCM 800 2210. Through the dfferent settings on the amp, I can get great tone clean or dirty.


The Tim Shaw Pups are the closest sounding Paf reissues I have herd, however for the modern player, you might be disapointed. Keep in mind, they sound just like my friends Lester. The bridge Pup has a very nice bite to it, The sound is dead on Clapton during the song, "all your love" from the beano album, somewhat meager, not huge, but historically correct. the middle setting sounds alot lke live Jimmy Page, kinda twangy, good balence of lows and highs, with alot of "bounce." The neck Pup is deeper and bassier, without being over bearing, it dosent have that slash sound, with the mega deep rich sound, but it sounds a little bassier then the vintage les paul I compared it against. These pickups suit me well becuase i need a neutral sounding guitar, tht responds to the settings of the amp.


Action, Fit, & Finish : 10

The action on this guitar is incredable! I use 9 gauge strings, and wth the perfectly strait neck, and the low perfect frets, the action is right about 70 MM above the 12th fret, and lower then that below, WITH NO BUZZ. I dont know how this guitar is as perfect as it is, but i truely feel it is alive! The action is the most perfect low you will ever find, period.


The craftmanship is great on the guitar, perfect frets, nut, binding. The hardware is 27 years old and near perfect.


When I bought this guitar, I was deciding between a 1970 black custom, or this guitar. The reason i choose this guitar (among other things) is because of the top. It is advertised as a quilt top, but my guitar has a very modest, unique top, lots of mineral marks, some flame, some quilt. I would call it a plain top, with some blistering. The real pearl inlays are beatiful, and the burst in a wonderful dark cherry, almost wine red depending on the Light. The neck Pup cavity says VCH, which makes me think i have a vintage-cherry burst.


Reliability/Durability : 9

I have to say, there where 2 owners before me, but it looks like it has never been played. there was 1 small ding on the headstock when I got it, this guitar is a perfect example of NOS.


This gutiar has served me well in the 3 months since I bought it. The laquer isnt overdone, but protects the guitar perfectly. I changed the strap buttons, but no les paul should keep the stock buttons, I know this guitar will be with me forever, but be careful playing it out doors. The heat of the summer cause the fretboard to get tiny little cracks. The guitar is still going strong, and the cracks are soo small, most people couldnt even notice them, just be careful about sunlight hitting your guitar


Customer Support : 10

never used it for this guitar, but gibson has 24 hour servce live service, and the have always treated me great


Overall Rating : 9

I was in the market for a true solid body Les Paul, after not finding the right guitar, I learned about this guitars trough a friend. That friend (who has a real 58 burst) told me these guitars are well worth the look. After playing it, I knew right away it was "the one."


The reason why this guitar doesent get a 10, is because it isnt historically acurate, how ever it is the best non 50s Les Paul I have ever played. It doesnt have a long neck tenon, rosewood fretboard, nor a vintage acurate control cavity. The grover tuners work better then the old fashioned kluson tuners, but take away from the acurate-ness.


It has lots of strong points. The ebony fretboard is an improvement over the rosewood fretboards IMO. The low frets allow for the lowest possible action. I changed the silver grovers to gold grovers just because they looked nicer. The Tim Shaw Pickups are the perfect Pup for me, and if I ever lost this guitar, idk what I would do, this guitar eats reissue les pauls for lunch, is much better then a standard norlin era paul.


This guitar was the nicest of the 3 elite reissues I played, and truely has a voice and a soul, if anything ever happened to this guitar, I would be crushed. I wouldnt trade it for anything less the a vintage 50s burst

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