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I added your record Ravner Salinas to my wish list. Should buy it...some time this month.


many thanks Demon. appreciate it. I'm out here in Northern New Mexico about to release another CD... soon as the producers get back.... from sunny florida..


meanwhile, i've got the music ready, Julia Florida is included, but I decided to release an online single first.


Meanwhile... This rekkid is gonna be sooooooooooo much different. I mean they'll be some music by Bach, Tarrega, Leo Brouwer... but I've also recorded a song that I've loved since day one circa 90/91... a cover of the Samhain/Danzig 'When Death Had No Name" with acoustic guitar and cello!!!!! an experimental version of the Willie Dixon "Spoonful" and who knows what else!!!!!!


enjoy the music meanwhile amigo!

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