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I'm trying to source an EJ200 in the UK without much success. Some shops have said that they are waiting for new production runs to arrive. Does anyone know when they are likely to come back into stock in the UK.




I ordered mine on Wednesday morning, and had it delivered on Friday afternoon, from a company called Dawsons. When I phoned them they had 6 (vintage sunburst EJ200's) in stock.


No problem at all. I went on lots of other sites and i was also getting quoted long lead times, and also some of them came back to me saying that it was being discontinued and were not getting any more delivered from the factory


Here's mine:





Maybe give them a shout and see if they have any more.

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I placed an order for an EJ200CE Natural in November 2011 with Andertons Uk with a estimated delivery of Jan 2012. This passed and I finally took delivery at the beginning of April 2012! I was informed Epiphone never give delivery dates to dealers. I was also informed the EJ200 is now out of production. The price of my EJ200CE had been dropped by £30 to the price of the EJ200 (£299) so I was happy to wait and got a free gig guitar bag as part of the online deal. You may have a long wait but it's worth it for a great guitar at an affordable price.

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