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490t Bridge / Burstbusker #1 Neck


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Hi All Gibson Members,


I'd got the new pickups for upgrade my semi hollowbody guitar. I think, I'll put the 490t is on the bridge and Burstbucker #1 is on the neck position.


I have the questions for the members here for those pickups are they matching for play Blues-Jazz? And Is it possible to do that?


Thank you all guys.


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I think with the right amp the 490T could do well for blues especially, I kept the stock 490 set in my LP Special and I like using it through a Marshall head for a less-high output, more vintage classic rock tone.



Blues and Jazz are 'FEEL' genres.

If ya gots da Blues and yaz gots da Jazz, your fingers will make ANY pickup work for you. Oh ... and it also helps to have top quality amps & speakers ...


For this, I've been blessed to own 100W and 50W Vintage Modern Marshall Heads with matching cabs.

After spending years and much money, for a small amp, I settled on Fender's DeVille with 4x10 speakers - small enough to practice inexpensively yet loud enough to satisfy large venues when mic'd. I have lived in a perfect set-up world for awhile now but it's cost a lot of time and money.


My personal example being a Blues performer for many decades:


1. My ES-335 loaded with 57 Classics for conventional A-440 performance.

2. For slide work ??? Nothing can touch my Firebird V with stock ceramic pups which turned magical with a complete RS Guitarworks pots & caps upgrade.




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