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Les Paul 1958 Plaintop Reissue VOS Chambered?


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I am about to buy a nice used Gibson Les Paul Plaintop 1958 Reissue VOS and seaching the internet for reviews I discovered that there are also, chambered models. The guitar that I want to buy is acutally quite light, compared to other les pauls, therefore I wonder if it is chambered

Could anyone help me with this topic?

Are all 58's chambered or there are some of the that are?


many thanks,


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The chambered reissues from the Custom Shop will all have a serial number beginning with "CR". There are some LP Customs that are not reissues and those will have the normal "CS" serial number and can not be determined just by looks. The other option is to remove the control cavity cover on the back and you will be able to see the chambering. The one you are looking at should be: CR8X*** where th X will be the year and the *** or **** will be the production sequence if it is chambered. You should really try a few of the chambered reissues as there are subtle tone differences besides the difference in weight.

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