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What is your go to chord?


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I guess I'm the only one who goes to a big ole open E chord. :-k


I let it ring for a few seconds and then add the 7th before doing a few bluesy riffs using the Emin pentatonic in the open position. That's just my little ritual when i first pick up a guitar. B)

I do something similar. Open E, then a "boogie woogie" run up a few strings using some bends & slides, then do something similar in ascending positions on the neck to the 12th fret or so, then back my way down using pull off's, slides, etc. ending on an open E, then sliding that chord to the 12th fret, leaving the 1,2 and 6 strings ringing "open". Fun little riff (at least for me lol).

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First position A (with one finger). Always. Never thought about why that particular chord, but it's the first thing I do just to make sure the amp is on and the volume is good.

Exactly this! Not sure why either, but a one finger open A is perfect for dialing in any rig.


Followed by a backwards "Skuttle Buttin'" sort of riff to make sure single notes are nice and clear.

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