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2002 Fender Tele-Partsocaster


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Yesterday I traded a 2010 American Special Strat for this. It's a 2002 Fender Tele-Partsocaster. It has a 1998 Fender US Standard Tele neck with rosewood fretboard. It has an unknown mahogany body with a satin finish and had generic wiring and hardware. It was also fitted with DiMarzio pickups. Today, I had the wiring and pots upgraded. I also replaced the pickups with Fender Custom Shop Texas Specials. I also had the saddles replaced with Fender bent steel saddles. I also had a set of Schaller strap locks fitted. Finally, a set of Ernie Ball Power slinky 11s were added and the Guitar was then given a full professional setup. Now it's just incredible. I have owned four Tele's in the last 2 and a half years and was never happy with any of them. I've been playing this Guitar all night and she's beautiful. Even with the mahogany body, she's kept her twang but added a little more body and warm. Just incredible!









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Looks great - I love tele's in general - rosewood fingerboard tele's in particular, (I have a great US '62 custom RI that is amazing) - but I really want a go on this one!

(I really, really would like a custom shop rosewood tele - but they are a *bit* pricey).

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