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Has anyone played this guitar?


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I know there was a thread discussing these exclusive Wildwood guitars a while back but has anyone actually tried one? They look interesting....I think Ren was heavily involved in making them


Wildwood SJ


Wildwood Website blurb:


With a careful blend of history, art, and today's tried and true guitar building techniques, Wildwood Guitars and Gibson Montana have created the New Vintage Series of acoustics.


Ren Ferguson select tone woods help these instruments achieve a level of tonal purity rarely heard in today's market. Combined with the historic look and feel of Gibson's iconic models, this limited run will give the player the warmth, balance, and volume that only a traditionally built guitar can deliver.


With scalloped top bracing, hot hide glue dovetail neck to body joints, and nitrocellulose lacquer finishes, these guitars are all hand made in the true tradition that has made Gibson Acoustics a true American classic.


Wildwood Guitars' years of working with a knowledgeable customer base has given them a unique insight, and along with the Montana Custom Shop, has developed these New Vintage models to include detailing unique to the Limited Run. With a wide variety of body styles available, there is truly a New Vintage Gibson for everyone.


Brand: Gibson

Model #: Montana Southern Jumbo Wildwood New Vintage

Finish Color: Vintage Sunburst

Finish Type: Gloss Nitrocellulose Lacquer

Top Wood: Premium Sitka Spruce

Bracing: Scalloped Advanced Open X on Top with Hot Hide Glue on all Bracing

Back & Sides Wood: Mahogany

Neck Wood: Mahogany

Neck Joint: Dovetail with Hot Hide Glue

Neck Shape: V Shape

Fretboard Material: Madagascar Rosewood

Fingerboard Inlays: Mother of Pearl Parallelogram

Scale Length: 24 3/4"

Width at Nut: 1.725"

Nut Material: Aged Bone

Binding: 5 Ply on Top and 3 Ply on Back

Tuners: White Button Nickel Gotoh Tuners

Saddle: Aged Bone

Pickguard: Tortoise

Case: Gibson Deluxe Tan Tolex Hardshell Case

COA: Yes

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Lefty I believe just recently got one of these specific models, he's the one to talk to. From what I know he's a happy chappy with this SJ, as he should be.



Thanks EA,..I know he was the one who started that thread but I didn't know that he actually ended up buying one...


Here's a few shots of this beauty!!!







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Is there something different on this edition of the banner SJ than any other TV guitar made for a specific dealer?



Yes,..besides the obvious hide glue issue it's a non "True vintage"finish (..in other words,..it looks new and glossy as opposed to matt'ish TV) and the pickguard is different....



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It seems to be the typical array of confused design elements from a range of dates of the model: the banner headstock, a reverse belly bridge with drop-in saddle, bound fretboard, big mid- to late-fifties pickguard.


I would tend to gravitate to the Woody Guthrie model SJ for an alternative.



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I'm confused by these "V-neck" profiles. I thought those were phased out by Gibson about the time the J-45 and SJ were issued in 1942. Given that this guitar has a late-50's pickguard, the guitar on which it must be nominally modeled should have had the semi-standard C-shape neck section that I think of with the late 40's through about 1960 flat-tops and arch-tops. My '47 L-7 has just about the sweeetest neck profile of any guitar I own, sort of a fat C. Actually, not that different from my '59 ES 335 Historic, except that the L-7 is 1/32" wider at the nut.


JT would probably know the neck profiles of the "original" J-45 and SJ better than anyone.

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True (and New) Vintage guitars are NOT SUPPOSED to represent a model of guitar at any specific moment in time (that is what the Legends are). True and New Vintage models are a combination of the best and most iconic features, along with some that never were (like the forward shifted bracing). It all adds up to an awesome instrument!


Fullers sometimes offers True Vintage and Legends with a gloss instead of VOS finish.


Red 333

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