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The Deal Of The Week - J45 Reissue For $1000!

John Lee Walker

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A friend called me today from LA, said he was talking to a guy there who is apparently in dire financial trouble and selling some guitars. Said he had a mint '64 Gibson J-45 in black finish w/white pickguard for sale and he is asking $1500!! He said it didn't have a scratch on it, and the case looked new, too. I couldn't believe what I was hearing. Just not possible. I got the guy's number and called him and had him read the sticker for me, which read 'Custom Shop Factory', then told him it wasn't an original, but a reissue. Maybe I sounded a tad bit disappointed? He reiterated with an offer of $1000, said he had to sell. I did my best to mask the excitement in my voice as I did the Happy Dance in my hotel.


Did a wire bank transfer, it's in the brown truck tomorrow:)


Yeah, I definitely got GAS!

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Oh, by the way, it's actually not a '64' reissue, but a FVG '68 reissue. For a guy with so many guitars, he sure didn't seem to know a lot about them. Told me he sold an ebony Dove last week for $900.


The old adage 'one man's loss is another man's gain' rang true for me today. I lived in Las Vegas for a while in the 80s, and the only thing I really miss about that city are their wonderful pawnshops. They had some of the best guitar deals I've ever seen. I bought my '62 Tele at a Vegas pawnshop in '87 for $650. Those were the days...

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Hey John Lee

There are some really good deals on used guitars, these days. A buyer's market if you will.

I picked up a J-45 Historic the other day for $900.

Looks like prices are dropping on ebay too. Not that this is necessarily a good thing, unless your looking to buy.

Not too good if your wanting to sell!!

Congrats to you, on your J-45.

I love mine, & have wanted one for a long time. Been eyeballing one at GC, $1999.00. No way on earth I could afford that right now.

The impossible dream!!

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