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Reliance f-hole?


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need some help please on this one please. It's a Reliance...




any info on age, build qualities/ materials, used price or anything else would be much obliged. Current owner says it has a -

Framus movable bridge and a Hofner Compensator. I've just stumbled across this and am kind of interested.

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Since the owner quotes parts from Framus and Hofner, both European manufactures, I would venture a guess that this guitar is of European origin.


As many USA guitar makers marketed instruments under various brand names, I'm sure European manufactures did the same thing. I would start with Framus and Hofner to see if they made instruments under other brand names.

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Thanking you kindly gents for your time and help on this.


Here's some additional info I found on the net - 'Reliance' The U.K. logo is credited to George Houghton and Sons


I got as far as a past english banjo mandolin builder and gave up!


The Body shape looks close to hofner, Hopf, Framus... Try Selmer... Ive seen that Peg head shape before


...in case your wondering, the original owner referred to the headstock as 'shamrock-like'. No idea what it may infer?


Anyways my interest in it has been taken away in a matter of hours since it briefly listed for sale on the day. Went for 300 yoyo's! Maybe it's the silver lining calling me to get a banjolin!


Thnx again for the pointers

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