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When Grandma Didn't Care"


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Larry thanks

I feel the same way about my maternal grandmother and grandpa too :)

I learned alot of things from them both ... it's great to know that you still feel the same way about your grandma now

as you did when you were young .


Are you a grandparent yourself ?




thanks for bringing a smile to my face and my heart !!!!




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Great song ,MP ... [thumbup] I can sure relate...! I love how my wife has those 'instinctive' Grandma-moments with our grandkids! It's a beautifull thing!

I certainly remember my grandmother putting....REAL silver dollars under my pillow after loosing a tooth. Grand days indeed!

Long ago and Far Away..


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Very nice, MP! [thumbup]


A collection of poignant mini-tales here, all rolled up and delivered in your straight-forward and easy-going style.


Nothing more natural, IMO, than a guy with his guitar, singing out his memories and, in the process, inviting the rest of us in, too, so we can find our own.


Well done--and thanks for sharing!


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Thanks for all the VERY kind comments. I sincerely appreciate each and every one of them. God Bless all of you. Here's the lyrics if anyone's interested. I don't care if someone finds something they can use in one of their own songs. But if you make a million, remember where you got the line from...lol...... [thumbup]


When Grandma Didn't Care


I spilled catsup on her new rug, my friends all eat her food.

Sometimes I'm immature and I act a little crude.

My dog peed in her kitchen. My parakeet pooped in her hair,

But Grandma laughs until she cries, 'cause Grandma doesn't care.


I've got car problems, I'm down on my luck.

Grandma gives me a hug, hands me a hundred bucks.

She says "I found it in a drawer, it was just laying there."

I say "Grandma, you shouldn't," but Grandma doesn't care.


Oh take me back there, Lord, to the good old days.

I know it sounds impossible, but you might find a way.

Back to the days when my heartaches were rare.

Back to the days when Grandma didn't care.


It's hot out and I cut her grass. I must be a fool.

Grandma watches out the window, from inside where its cool.

She walks-out with a broom. I stop and I stare.

She says "Keep-on workin'," 'cause Grandma doesn't care.


My final year in high school. I'm going to a Senior dance.

Grandma smiles and says "Oh those girls don't have a chance."

I say "Grandma, you're special. There's no one to compare."

I see a tear roll down her face, 'cause Grandma doesn't care.


My friend, life is a journey. The miles too quickly pass.

I grew-up. Grandma died. Nothings meant to last.

But she left me rich. Richer than a millionaire.

You can't put a price on what she gave when Grandma didn't care.


And its been many years now since Grandma passed-away,

But thank you God for memories, its where she'll always stay.

And when times are tough, and I'm down to my last prayer,

I recall the love I got when Grandma didn't care.

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