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Is this an ES-135?


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Hello, i was wondering what guitar this is: http://sp9.fotolog.com/photo/41/9/102/velvet_rose93/1197832631_f.jpg

Another pic to see thickness: http://sp1.fotolog.com/photo/17/44/67/slash_axlrose/1247372772032_f.jpg


I thought it kinda looked like an ES-135 but the body seemed...bigger. Does anyone know what guitar it is or confirm that it is in fact an ES-135? Also i would very much like to know the color of the guitar in question too.


Thank you very much in advance!

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It looks like an ES-135 to me. The P-90s, body thickness (thinner than the ES-175) and sharp florentine cutaway are correct, though the placement of the neck pickup looks different, it is farther from the neck than on most of them. Maybe that's how they were on the vintage models? Not sure. Izzy says in an interview here that one of his favorite guitars was his ES-135: http://www.chopaway.com/viewtopic.php?id=188

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