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Epiphone Les Paul Deluxe - Mods a la Pete Townsend


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A couple of years ago I got the itch to get a Les Paul Deluxe (LPD) like the one I had in the 70's. The one with the mini-humbuckers in them. Prices were way high so I ended up getting an Epiphone Les Paul Deluxe (ELPD). Well, I like it so much that I ended up with three of them - gold top, red sparkel, and blue sparkel.


The blue sparkel LPD was a custom color made for Mars Music. I decided to do a few mods to it. Pete Townsend used LPDs in the 70's and he added a 3rd pickup to them, a DiMarzio Super Distortion. So if Pete did it, why not me?


Here's what it looked like when I got it:




When I got the ELPD it had a couple of problems. The neck strap lock was attached by an oversized screw and I had to plug the hole with a dowel & re-drill.







Once fixed I installed Schaller strap locks:





The 3 way switch was bad and had to be replaced (BTW the seller sent me a new one).


The truss rod had a bad rattle at the 1st fret. I fixed it with rubber cement & Naptha. I had to remove the nut and truss rod nut & washer. Was fairly easy to do.





Next I routed out a cavity for the center DiMarzio pup. I had to strip all the hardware off of the guitar so that the router template would lie flush on the top of the guitar.







Here are the installed pups:




I had to cut an opening in the pickguard for the center Dimarzio. The bridge and neck pups are Seymour Duncan replacements



And a detail shot of the controls:




The special knobs go to 11 making the guitar even louder :)



Here she is all done:




I've named her Petra Blue (Petra is the female form of Peter - a tip of the hat to Pete Townsend).





Pickups: Neck - Seymour Duncan SM-2N


Middle - DiMarzio Dual Sound (Same a Super Distortion)


Bridge - Seymour Duncan SM-2B


Controls: 2 vol, 2 tone. Neck Vol push-pull for phase switch (B&N)

Neck Tone push-pull for neck single coil

Dimarzio center uses neck tone/vol controls as well


Bridge Tone push-pull for bridge single coil.

Bridge vol - just a plain vol pot.


3 way switch controls Bridge & Neck pups as normal.


Top toggle: DPDT - turns neck & bridge pups on/off


Center toggle: SPDT - turns Dimarzio pup on/off


Bottem toggle: SPST - Dimarzio single coil tap.


Knobs: Dimarzio blue top hats - to 11!!


Schaller straplocks. Gotoh Tuners.


And, yes, she sounds AWESOME!!!!

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Cool mods, and they look to be very well executed. Though I don't think I could ever keep track of that many switches. msp_confused.gif



You're just missing a black one now...



I'm not big on black guitars. If I run across a black ELPD at the right price I'll pick it up. I did go on a long hunt for the gold top ELPD. Finally found one in Baltimore and paid more than I should have. But it's such a nice guitar and after looking for over a year I jumped on it. No mods to it :)

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