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Need help identfying thisguitar


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Hi folks


Newbie here on the forum, i found a guitar I want to purchase but i have been searching on the net for hours and cant seem to find the model it is. I have attached pics and hope some members can help me wit the identification.


if you could tell me the model and if there seems to be any thing wrong with it.


the SN is 02005557 in case t cant be seen in the photos


thanks for the help hope to by it tomorrow if its a good deal and is legitimate Gibson.





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Thanks everyone really appreciate the quick feed back and helping a newbie to Gibson out and avoiding a costly mistake. The Guitar is at a pawn shop in Denver (National Pawn) the owner was honest with me with the info he had. He said there was something off about it But he thought it was still a Gibson just a lower end one perhaps dressed up to look like a higher end model or something. I've sent him an email and included a link to this thread so hopefully he will inform buyers exactly what is is and no one will get taken on this fake.

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