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ES-339 through GC


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Hey all,


I just want to say I got my new ES 339 antique red with the '59 rounded neck profile and I just love it. I have heard a few bad stories about setup, quality, etc. on guitars from GC, but mine was setup perfectly (for me) and plays like butter. I play this guitar through a Germino Classic 45 non-master volume amp with NO PEDALS and get excellent clean to smooth overdriven tones just by twisting the guitar's volume knob.


Fretwork is superb. NIce full neck profile and it's light!


Due to finances, I sold my '98 Gibby USA 335 reissue with a slim taper neck (didn't realy like this neck profile) with the intention of getting the smaller 339 and couldn't be happier.


Gibson....Excellent job on this guitar!!! It has become my go to guitar.


I also own two relic strats, a '98 / '58 Historic LP (still my favorite), and a 2007 Flying V Figured top.


Thanks, -Don



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I think a lot of bad stories are bogus. Period. I have too long a history with Gibson instruments.


Best of luck with a new classic guitar. My ES-339 is the only guitar I've gigged with since I got it.



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