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Help Id'ing a Les Paul


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What else do you need to know beyond the fact it's a Epi Les Paul Classic?


I couldn't find a Classic model on the site, so I wasn't sure what I was looking at. I was trying to figure out an info on that model - pickups, when (range of years) they made them, what that finish is on top (doesn't look like anything I have seen before).


Now having done some searching for a Classic, it looks like that is a quilt top finish on what is a fairly standard setup guitar, made in China or Korea around 2005-2006?

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Classic Quilt Top.


1/3 down the page:



If you want the exact year we need a serial #.


You can thank RTH (one of our senior members) for the Wiki.




Thanks for giving so much info. I tried to locate a classic model on the Epiphone site and didn't see that...

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I'll be as straight up with you as I can.

LP Standards Plus Top (yes, the one you show is a classic) go for around $500 in the U.S. (sometimes $50 more....sometimes on sale for $50 less)

A new case is around $80.

That puts you up around $600.


Guitar, case and any kind of amp for $400....If it was what I was looking for? yes.


The thing is;

I don't buy anything unless I can handle it first.

I don't know how much you know about guitars.

Without the serial, we don't know how old it is. (I'm guessing late 90's)


So $400 for the guitar (if in great shape), a marshall practice amp, and a hard case sounds reasonable?

If you know what you are looking at.....Fret ware, set up, does everything work including the truss rod?

Hey, I'm not the one buying it.


Like buying a used car. If you know what you are looking at, fine. If not, take it to an expert.

If it's mail order used....Sorry, not for me.



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Willy - thanks for the input. I am just learning guitar, and am looking for an inexpensive electric setup to go along with my acoustic. Saw this listed, it is local, so I can see it & play it before I buy it. But, I'm not an expert, especially with an electric (couldn't tell you if the truss rod is working or not, even though I understand what it is, etc.) sure hate to miss something critical. It may be worth the extra cash to go with a new guitar and amp from a local store (don't need a case - guitar won't be leaving the house any time soon...) and have the peace of mind...

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