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Dreamin' here, but wouldnt it be cool...

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Wouldnt it absolutely rock to have the equivalent of the EVH D-Tuna for a guitar with a LP style bridge! I do realize that I'm really dreaming but part of me thinks it should be entirely possible (though I'd never be smart enough to fgure it out) & the other part of me thinks that if it were possible it'd exist by now...


Just seems like there could be a way to have a piece between the stop bar & tail piece that could put enough pressure on the string to take it up 1 whole step. Of course I am sure there's a sustain/resonance argument against that too... like I said just dreaming here

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Well my idea is that I'd want to be able to switch a little more quickly than tuning. I play in a cover band and our sets are all over the place & its be nice to drop to D or go back to E with the flick of a switch so we can mix up our sets more.


I'm pretty sure Stewmac do something exactly for that. Back in a mo!!

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Can't find what I'm looking for and it's bed time (got to be up a 05:15) but I'll check it out tomorrow and come back to you. I know 100% that there are a couple of things which are designed to do exactly what you want.

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