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Loudest crowd?


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Well I had a strange experience last Friday I was given Tickets to the George Strait - Martina McBride concert here in Phoenix. Not a big fan of new country music but everybody was saying it was the concert of the year and a can't miss show so the fact that the tickets were free even though face value was over $150 for each ticket we went. Gotta say it was a very good concert both martina and Strait are real showman and really knew how to work a crowd and the really looked like they had fun doing it, but the most surprising thing of all was just how loud the crowd was. Ive never heard people cheer like that and Ive been to four Superbowls, two NBA finals a few baseball world series games and even two Olympics and a World Cup soccer match (that held the top honors before this show), along with almost every rock concert ever played and Ive never heard a crowd yell that loud and for that long for any other show. Plus gotta say Martina looked pretty good in black leather pants if I say so myself even with the wife sitting next to me.


so what's the loudest show you've ever been at? Crowd noise not the group playing I'll still have to give that one to Nugent in the late 70's

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I've been to a lot of concerts in my 52 years but easily the loudest, from an audience standpoint ,was a Garth Brooks sold out show at the height of his popularity.



I enjoy country music, while not a rabid fan but G.B. put on when heck of a show.



The crowd went crazy from the moment Brooks walked on stage and that decibel level barely wavered even on the ballads.

I talked to my wife later about it as our ears rang for days.

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Like Cookie.... in my 62 years, I've been to a LOT of concerts..... I view the "noise" from two standpoints....the loudest concert I ever attended was probably Hank Williams, Jr.


It was far from the best..... the best concert I've even attended was probably George Jones....a MASTER showman.


The loudest crowd at a concert would have been the Beatles at Candlestick in 1966.


The loudest concert I ever played was probably the Yardbirds. I did a concert with The Who who were known to be very loud, but to tell you the truth, I don't remember it, (damn those 60's!)


But the most memorable noise at a concert was with Paul Revere & The Raiders.... was the first time I'd played with the crowd so loud we simply could barely hear ourselves.



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I too, have attended a LOT of concerts! The Beatles, had the loudest crowd, by far!

Even the last Paul McCartney concert I attended, was like that! Biggest difference,

was the "Sound System" he had, could handle it! The Beatles, had no "Sound System"

per se...it was piped through the pole speakers, that they announced the games on,

at the various baseball stadiums. Consequently, at times, you couldn't hear much of

anything they were doing, except the song intros.[tongue][woot][crying]


I'm sure there have been other artists, throughout the years, that have had similar

receptions, and sound problems. But, The Beatles was "the one," for me.




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Hmmm,loudest crowds would have to be at the loudest shows from my exp. i have a 3 way tie for that ear wax rumblin,heart beat jumpin off beat from the bass so loud,damn yankees<teds guitar was unbelievably loud>,iron maiden<entire band> and scorpions<michael schenker guitar was omg loud>. Loudest smaller venue, slaughter opened for quiet riot who opened for warrant at the old boathouse in norfolk, i was still hearin that show 2 days later lol

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I remember about 2 or 3 years ago, driving in to Baltimore on a Sunday when the Ravens had a home game. I had the game on the radio and I was about a few blocks from the stadium. Suddenly through my car windows I heard this huge explosion of applause coming from the direction of the stadium, and because of the broadcast delay, about 5 seconds later I realized Ed Reed had made an interception. [thumbup]


I can only imagine how loud it must have been inside, if I could hear it that clear from blocks away. :-k

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Probably when I played woodstock.

It had to be loud with a half million ppl outside cheering 4 me.

(For the ppl who still take what I say serious by now must not have a sense of humor)




I've heard it said that if everyone was at Woodstock who now says they were there, the crowd would have been a mil and a half!


Woodstock was August 15-18, 1969, right?


I was drafted on August 13, 1969.

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