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Recently purchased an Epi es-175.Great axe.Question,do archtops play different

than solid bodies?Mine seems to go out of tune(the guitar was set-up after purchase) after a session of playing(it goes sharp)

and I was wondering if its because of the trapeze tailpiece which I hear are not entirely stable.

Thanks to the forum~

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I have lotsa archtops, and they don't go out of tune any more than solid bodies. I would suspect there's another issue involved --- either tuners are slipping, the strings are binding in either the nut or bridge slots, or you're picking/strumming hard enough to move the floating bridge slightly and affect the tuning.

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Thnx for the responses~


Check the basics; New strings? Stretch them in a bit. Ensure your wrap on the tuner post isn't slipping. Make sureyour strings aren getting hung up in the nut. athose are just a few places to start....

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This issue went through the forum a while back. Someone has a guitar that went sharp after playing for a while.

The thought from that one was that the strings would naturally warm up during play, from warm hands, body heat, electricity, and so on. During play, the player might have to tune up once or twice.

Once the guitar had sat for a while after playing, the strings would cool off, causing them to tighten and go sharp.


Sounds as good as anything else I've heard. [blink]

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The strange thing is I never had any of the hard

bodies I have owned previously do anything similar.

On that note I realize that this is a hollowbody with

a floating bridge and these guitars no matter how cheap

or pricey are very temperamental.

The warm weather is approaching,perhaps it is all

weather related.

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