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My First Teacher Is Selling His Blonde L5. Pony Up.


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I've been watching some Neil LeVang clips lately...here are buddy and neil tearing it up





It's like watching evolution at work. I know Buddy is a Les Paul admirer/protege, and I recall at 15 walking into his place for my lesson, and seeing reel to reel recorders seemingly built into the walls, and an awesome pedal steel. Dazzling for a dopey kid that just wanted to learn how to play the opening riff from 'Satisfaction'. How pitiful!

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That crossed my mind too. I don't follow archtop trends. What would you ballpark it's value at?

These actually sell locally for $5-6,000....but they really have to be in good shape....no need for repairs..Those are often on their last screw thread on the floating bridge and need neck resets. The fact that it had a 7th string which was removed means a cosmetic repair that will irk the collectors...so this is more of a players guitar. If it needs a neck reset subtract $700...fret job $300...etc. etc. This is a VERY soft market for Archtops, I would like to see what Larry says, but I would say around $4-4,500 depending on sound and need for repairs. It is easily double what it should sell for.

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