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Epiphone Genesis Reissue Review & Demo


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I was looking for a "cheap" 2nd humbucker guitar to set up specifically for C-standard - I'm just getting into this tuning so this is a bit of a low-cost experiment on my part...


I tried a few Epis: a 339 pro, a 'bird, a Dot. The dude in the shop brings over a Genesis, tells me they're clearing them at a stupid price. So I tried it and it beat the others hands down. It's just a really well finished guitar for the money...


So, thanks for this review.. helped me make a decision on it... I returned to the store that afternoon and took the Midnight Ebony




On the down side, the bridge is a little too close to the nut for C-standard.. the B and G strings' saddles bottom out against the bridge preventing perfect intonation adjustment, especially on the G.


Never thought I'd buy a Chinese made guitar but you know what they say about "never"...

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I really like the Genesis guitar. I need to put more "play time" in on itsmile.gif



That's one nice guitar . How does it play and how is the balance . Does it handle like a Les Paul . I like how its open up in the higher frets . I have a Crestwood and a Wilshire plant-o-matic and i like them a lot my first guitar was a epiphone back in the late 60s .
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It's like a LP with 2 "horns", actually, and the head is the elongated "unsnipped" Epiphone. Perfect balance and access to upper frets is...well, perfectmsp_biggrin.gif. It is a bit heavy, which is good...unreal sustain...real nice. I wish they'd make a single " f " hole one, might be a bit lighter, and the "cool factor" would certainly be there...I really like it, really....lol

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What problems did the first one have?

Hey Scott it had a lot of flaws in the finish and the set up was so bad that the strings were laying on the frets . Looked like nobody looked over the guitar . My new one came yesterday[thumbup] . It came flawless it was set up nice and the finish is great i will be putting up some picture of it soon .I had to work late last night . So i get to play it tonight :rolleyes:
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