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Vibrating bridge retainer wire


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The bridge screw retainer wire on my 335's bridge vibrates like crazy when I play it. Anyone have a simple solution for this?


Old school fix is to bend the retainer in between the screws.

Leaving the wire in position, using a small machinists screw driver push directly down on the wire till it bends. Do that between the screws. It will tighten up the retainer and stop the vibrating.

You can also remove the stock wire , which is very thin and replace it with a piece of wire from a chrome paper clip. The standard size fits the holes , you copy the bends in the stock wire and using a needle nose plier and the rather soft paper clip wire , make a new retainer. The clip is much heavier than the stock wire and simply will not vibrate.

I like the simplicity of doing a bend mod on the stock wire. Curls up the retainer though, so when you need to replace the saddles you will work harder to replace the retainer because of the bends.

But making one from a clip or tinned copper wire of the same size as the hole in the ABR works fine.

Is this too much info ?

Ha ha , Cheers!

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