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Middle Georgia J45 Attic Find


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We all have stories where we or somebody that we know gets a golden opportunity to acquire a great guitar that you otherwise wouldn't have a chance to. Here's one of mine: This is a fine guitar that I bought from a co-worker about 5 years ago. His father had bought it from a pawn shop back in the early 80's in order for the co-worker, who was a kid at the time, to take guitar lessons with, but the top was cracked and the bridge was about to pull off. The action was so bad that the kid was quickly discouraged and the guitar was put down wherein it eventually ended up in the attic. 20+ years later I was talking about guitars at lunch and he told me about the old guitar in his mom's attic. It took a while to convince him to go get it but he eventually went to the old homestead and retrieved the guitar. I was in shock when I opened the case and saw the banner headstock! I bought the guitar from him a week later and after re-hydrating the guitar enough to do the repair work and getting everything lined up and tuned it is nothing short of an amazing instrument! It's a 1944-45 Gibson J-45 with spruce top and maple back and sides. So those of you who think that the all of the old wayward treasures have been found.... keep at it. They are still out there!

post-637-062591400 1329110529_thumb.jpg

post-637-010598800 1329110608_thumb.jpg

post-637-041463400 1329110628_thumb.jpg

post-637-035291300 1329110648_thumb.jpg

post-637-062975900 1329110668_thumb.jpg

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A great looking maple j-45! Thanks for sharing it with us. You can checks my Banner Gibson Registry to see that we've registered two of its 2890 batch mates.


John, how many guitars would make a batch at that time? Any set number, or just however many made it that far? Thanks! I plan to get some better pics and whatnot sent to you for your project at some point. Thanks!



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Cool! I didn't even realise it was maple at first glance. Good eye, jt! Hey Big, could you post a pic of the back also?

thanks, Rod

Hey Rod, I was planning on getting back outside for better pics in the coming days, and I'll get some back pics for you. It was just too windy out there last Sunday and I called off the "photo-shoot" after watching the J35 blow over while I was standing 10 ft away looking through the stupid camera at it. Thanks!

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