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As I stated in another thread, I've recently become fascinated with Renaissance art and artists. Although I'm leaning more towards Michelangelo (I've been exposed to so much Da Vinci over the years because his sketches have become almost like pop art). It's a coincidence that a show like this comes around right as I'm taking such interest in the subject. It's playing at a theater near me and I think I'm going to see it with my neighbor. The neighbor who lent me the book on Michelangelo in the first place to begin my interest in the subject. Anyway, here is a description below if you haven't heard about it, and a link to the website.


"A first-of-its-kind cinema event debuts in movie theaters across the country for only one night -- LEONARDO LIVE, a cinematic tour of the sold-out National Gallery (UK) exhibition "Leonardo da Vinci: Painter at the Court of Milan", created especially for movie theater audiences. Presented by NCM Fathom, BY Experience and PhilGrabskyFilms.com, LEONARDO LIVE appears on the big screen on Thursday, February 16 at 7:00 p.m. local time."



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When we were young, sometime I guess in the early 90's, Philadelphia Museum of Art had his sketch books in the downstairs small gallery across from the gift shop. It was awesome, and we were very lucky to have seen it, they haven't been out since, at least not here in America.


Our only DaVinci in America is at the National Gallery, and we sat and gawked again for a good long time this past Thanksgiving, like to go down there and museum it up for a couple days for that holiday.




Loves me some Leonardo. I hope the cinema is good.



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