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LP Deluxe or Standard?


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I suspect the guitar is actually a year or two older than your friend thinks.


When Gibson re-introduced the production model "Standard" in 1975 they had just started using water-slide decals for serial number. They were preprinted with the number, model name, and "Made IN USA", and Gibson had no decals that said "Standard". I would suspect that many, if not all, Standards (600 or so) from the 75,76,77 serial number decal era were fitted with ones that said "Deluxe", but had a TRC that said "Standard"..


The defining (and only) difference between a Standard and a Deluxe is the pickups. If the guitar was fitted with full size humbuckers at the factory when built, it IS a Standard.


Here's a photo of the serial number decal on my 1975 Standard.



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Also, Mick...is your friend, the first/only owner, of that guitar?

Lots of folks had Full sized humbuckers installed, in their Deluxes,


Very very true, I had a 73 deluxe that someone routed out for full size humbuckers... It was very common for persons to do that... Don't ask me why...


I have an 80 deluxe with the minis and I prefer the sound of the minis over the full sized humbuckers... Call me weird I guess...

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