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Cupid Sent Me Some Love on Valentines Day


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I think the amp 11 is a really cool looking pedal. Kinda reminds me of my preferred OD



So of all the Lovepedals you have, which one do you think sounds best?


I know most of them are variations of the Electra Distortion. Do you find that some of them sound the same?

Hmmmm....that's a tough one really, as I tend to change my preference quite frequently....you all know me by now. One day I play a strat, then a Les Paul, then a Tele, then an SG and then a LP Junior and so on. I go through these stages of always looking for that tone. As of now, it would be toss up between the Tchula and the Joe Bonamassa Fuzz Face. My current guitar of choice........... Les Paul Junior. Love that P90 tone. Yes, some do sound the same, like the superlead and the red head.


Cool looking OD pedal you have there. :)

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