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250k pots 500k pots whats the the differance?


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Basically, the difference can be summed up in one word... treble! =P~


The 500k passes more treble to the output jack than the 250k. Most Gibsons use 500k pots (better for humbuckers, generally). Most Fenders use 250 pots (better with single coils, generally).


If you can be more specific about what you have and what you want it to sound like, there are others here who can help you with more specific recommendations.

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My Les Paul is wired this way and I stayed with the 500k pots.


The 250's are used with strats/single coils because they put out more treble so that value of pot filters out some of the highs.


I've found 3 different ways to do the Jimmy Page wireing - which are you using?


1. Seymour Duncan's

2. DiMarzio's - I had to email and ask for their diagram. I can email a copy if you want.

3. Guitarelectronics.com


The only difference I did was to put a .047 cap in the neck pick-up (what they suggest), but I put a .022 in the bridge.

hmmmm come to think of it, I may have that backwards - I forget.

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really i dont know which im doing. i looked up some diagrams on how to do it and im just gonna do what they say.

i do know that it is the kind that coils taps both pickups with the volume pots, one tone pots makes it go out of phase and the other puts the pickups in a series. sorry fo rthe llack of detail

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