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New poster here.

I might be trading some gear for a used Gibson SG with serial number 030333537.

I've only seen photos of it over the phone and would like as much info on it as I can get.

Ideally, I would like to know what its value is if its in good to really good condition.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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A serial number from 2003 from a Gibson would never have 9 digits, as we changed in 2005 to 9 digits. Please send the following pictures for identification:


* Photos of the instrument in JPG format as an attachment (please limit to 2MB total size for all pictures together, as a bigger total size will not reach us) – full front, full back, as well as close ups of the front and back of the headstock, with the serial number clearly visible. Also of any inside labels that the instrument may have.


to service@gibson.com or service.europe@gibson.com

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