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Imagine you're stuck in a room, the door to freedom is locked, and you only have 3 items. They can be anything, as long as they're within an arm's length away. What are those 3 items and how do you use them to get out?


I have a Gameboy Color, a solid silver crucifix, and a CO2 cartridge.


I'd attempt to use the Gameboy as a hammer, the crucifix's sharp corner as a pointy thing to pierce the CO2 cartridge, and the CO2 cartridge as a projectile to (hopefully) break the doorknob. Then of course, if that doesn't work, I've got the small end of the crucifix as a lockpick, although silver might not be the best metal. Then that leaves me with the Gameboy, which could also have some small metal objects, capable of being used as a lockpick.


I may not get out alive...


Would you?

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I have a metal back scratcher, a swiss army style knife and a mag light.



I'll use the mag light to light the closet while I pull the pins from the hinges with the screwdriver in the swiss army knife.


the back scratcher is in case my back itches. I hate when my back itches.

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Guest farnsbarns

First the strange comment about fedoras and now this weird conversation about getting out of a closet. I think your subconscious might be trying to tell you something, Buxom. :P

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I thought about they key, but decided I don't need it. I need:


Jumbo Stick of beef jerky

20 oz bottle of Coke Zero

Tic Tacs


Beef Jerky because I'm hungry

Coke to wash the Jerky down

Tic Tacs to sweeten my breath.


I'm going out the window.



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