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My New Recording King RNJ-25


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Well, after all my researches, I found the blues box I was looking for.

The Epiphone EL-00 and the Loar LH-200 were out of the game de mainly to their narrow nuts.

I got my Recording King RNJ-25 yesterday and I'm very pleased.

She is really a beauty and I find the neck and fretboard are lovely.

Maybe it's the short scale or maybe the radius, but I feel it very comfortable.

Even the setup was ok, I just changed the plastic bridge pins with some bone ones I had at home.

I love that sunburst finish.

The only thing I'm not completely sold are the fretboard inlays, maybe simple dots could have been better, but the original Nick Lucas that inspired this box had the same kind of inlays, so it's ok, and it's no big deal anyway.

The sound is really great for fingerpicked country blues, exactly what I was looking for.


A short video here:


and some pictures:



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