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Gibson Pickups ID Please Help


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These pickups came in my 1965 ES-345 and have been a mystery ever since I got the guitar. I would like to know if they're PAF, Patent # or even original at all.


The covers were Gold (Not Pictured) I had took them off so I can present the Bobbins. Sorry about the poor lighting.


I also read that PAF pickups could be found in gold plated archtop electric guitars as late as 1965


The seller did mention that there could be a newer set of gibson pickups in the guitar ? =\




DSC08994.jpg (Neck)


DSC08995.jpg (Bridge)


DSC08989.jpg (Neck)


DSC08990.jpg (Bridge)









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It is going to take a real expert to answer that question. I can offer a few clues, but nothing definite.


I think the sticker (whats left) might be either a PAF sticker or a patent# sticker. The later PAF and the earliest Patent# pups will be identical, so the only way to know which sticker is to find a clue that would place it before as an earlier PAF or a later Patent#.


One clue going for them is they appear to be what SHOULD be in that guitar, as in either a later PAF or a patent# pup. It is because they are gold (and gold was used in less models, and would last longer in the parts inventory) is why it COULD be either. BUT, the ones that lasted the longest in inventory tend to be the ones with narrower spacing used on some archtops.


Another clue is the tabs seem to lack the tooling marks found on the PAF/early patent# pups. I don't know if that proves anything.


The other thing I notice is the screws holding the bobbins on the back seem to be brass/gold colored instead of silver/steel colored. That would make it an earlier PAF, and not a Patent# sticker.


I also notice it seems the pups are wax potted? Did they do this on the PAF/early patent# pups?


I certainly can't say for sure, but I am leaning toward reproductions. And the fact the seller told you they COULD be modern pups, of corse that raises an eyebrow.


It WOULD be good to know for sure. I might ask the seller to try and find out how long the pups were in, at least to give an idea where to look to see what possible reproductions they MIGHT be, and compare carefully with pics.

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It's still tricky to tell from the pictue but I think Damian is right. I'm 90% sure it's a Patent Number. This is the last 65 Patent Number gibson I worked on.




By the way, the only difference between a 65 PAF and a 65 Patent# is the sticker and sometimes the color of the hook up wire.

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