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I recently sold me Elitist Casino and the buyer said that the pickups, pots and toggle were not what they were supposed to me and wants me to take it back. He sent me a video so I can't post it, but the back of the pickups look like the photo in this link and the pots are the small pots.




He is going by this description from this link.






I have no problem refunding him if what I sold him what not what it should be but I would like to make sure first. I purchased it "new" from an Ebay shop with 100% feedback and 500+ transactions just last month. I can see Gibson/Epiphone making changes and not updating this description.


Any info that you can provide me would be much appreciated!




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Hi Jeff,


Welcome to the forum.


I have a 2007 Elitist Casino and it has the small pots for volume and tone, and the pickups say Epiphone P-90 on the back. I have owned 3 Elitists (Casino, Dot, Country Gent) and they all used the small pots. I'm pretty sure my Casino does not have a Switchcraft toggle, because if I don't play it for a few months it will get intermittent and I have to wiggle it back and forth a few times to get it to work properly (same on all my Epiphones). Switchcraft toggles don't do this.


Maybe Epiphone has upgraded the newer Casinos to to use Switchcraft toggles (then again, Epi is notorious for having mistakes in their advertising). What year is your Casino?


Regarding the "Gibson" pickups advertised in the second link, I'm not sure what they are putting in the Elitist Casinos these days, but they also advertise the MIC Inspired By John Lennon as having Gibson pickups, and the pickups say Epiphone on the back. You can search on this forum to read some discussion on this topic. Could be the same going on here.


I can't read all that French in the first link, but it looks like someone is doing a detailed comparison of the MIJ John Lennon Casino vs. the Elitist. They are two different animals, so be careful there.


Hope this helps. My guess is that the Casino you sold is normal, but Epiphone has changed the model slightly and/or the Epi advertising does not exactly match reality.


I sent you a PM with my e-mail address. If you send me the video I will take a look.



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First of all, welcome to the forum. Although I can't help you, there are several here that are very knowledgable when it comes to Elitist guitars. Stand by. Someone with an answer will be along shortly.

Oops, not quick enough. Thanks Gunner.

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I looked at the videos you sent me. The switch, pots, and pickups in the videos are exactly the same as in my 2007 Elitist Casino, right down to the "Epiphone USA EP-90" sticker on the back of the pickups.


Also checked my 2005 Elitist Dot and the switch and pots are exactly the same too (pickups are humbuckers on that one).



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