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Guitars needed for Banner Gibson recording session in May


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Hello fans of wartime Gibsons. As I near completion of The Book, I’m starting to work on the companion CD. It will be recorded during the week of May 7 at the fabulous recording studio Firehouse 12 in New Haven, Connecticut. I’ll be producing and the wonderful Lauren Sheehan will be picking and singing. She’ll be covering some interesting WWII-era tunes, each of which will be introduced on the CD with a short clip from my recordings of interviews with the women who worked at Gibson at the time.


We are also planning on recording each tune with a different Banner Gibson. I’ll be supplying 3: 1942 LG-1, 1943 SJ, and 1943 L-50. I’d love to be able to have each variant of the Banner flattops represented on the recording. So, I’ll be hoping to gather a J-45, a maple J-45, rosewood SJ, a mixed woods SJ, an LG-2, an LG-3, a maple LG-2, and a Banner L-00. Other variants include mahogany vs. spruce topped guitars, 2 vs. 4 piece tops, and Sitka vs. red spruce.


Now, what’s in it for you other than having your instrument immortalized? Well, I’ll cover shipping costs, you’re welcome to attend the sessions, you’ll get autographed copies of the book and CD, and I’ll be getting studio quality photos of all of the instruments for the book and CD art and you’ll get copies. Oh, and a few minutes of fame, too: NPR and local TV have committed to covering the sessions.


So, if you’re interested, please email me at johnthomasguitar-at-gmail.com

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Cool project JT. Hope it comes out great


Thanks, Paul! It should be fail safe because I've got Lauren, a friend who is a great recording engineer (he just engineered the soundtrack to the upcoming film, Looper), and in the past hour have lined up a gorgeous 1943 J-45 and 1945 LG-2. Even I won't be able to mess this up (I hope)!

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