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Non-Historic Nashville Block Neck ? Part


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I was looking at a used 335 Block Neck and trying to figure out a few things. The seller says the label says "Nashville". Said the part number from gibson was below.


SDY( )NH1 ES-335 Block Inlay ARD, ATE Nickel 2,797 3,499 4,934


Seems like it must be this guitar, which I think is a Memphis model.




Part number has all the same letters albeit transformed somewhat. Assuming it is this guitar, what exactly does a Block Neck '60 get you for your extra $750 ? (other than block inlays). I know it has different pickups which presumably don't change the cost too much. Otherwise, I'm confused as to what your extra money gets you. Anyone know ?

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I asked myself the same question. Most of the differences between the Memphis Block Neck model and the regular Memphis Dot Es seem to be cosmetic. Tuners, Block inlays, poti-knobs, finish. You already mentioned the different pick-ups. One thing I found on the gibson website spec shed is, that the block inlay, like the fat neck model, has a lightweight centerblock.

I agree that all these differences don't seem to justify the big price difference.


But: I own the Memphis Block Neck ES 335, and I absolutly happy with the guitar. Since I decided to pay the price for a new gibson guitar, I wanted the guitar to have the looks I like best, which I found in this particular model. I prefer every cosmetic aspect over the Dot model, especially the antique cherry finish. I also got pretty good deal on that particular guitar. I paid the same price you normally pay for a figured top dot model.

All cosmetics aside, my particular guitar has an amazing tone. It was alive the fist seconds I pulled it out of its case.

Bottom line: I think a guitar is worth, what you are willing to pay. Yeah, and what someones charging for it.


Nonetheless, it would be nice if someone from the customer team would chime in here, to explain the price difference.


When I was out shopping for an ES, one dealer said to me, that the price differences between certain gibson models is there, to have a model in every price range, to satisfy customer needs.

Actually I would't mind, if I paid less for my guitar. On the other hand, theres definitifly people out there, who think, that the more they pay, the better their guitar is.

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Thanks. I heard about as much even when looking at the Historic models. I think someone from Gibson happened to be in the Guitar Center. My memory is that there wasn't much difference and that the Memphis factory had excellent quality control. I have a recent 339 which does look great. I can't find any obvious QC or workmanship issue. I do wonder what Gibson now does to buy rosewood for fingerboards since that raid. Maybe it just affects some guitars that have burnt maple.

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