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Jellifish HotRods Colored Bridge Pins


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okay so I finally got around to installing some Jellifish Hotrod Bridge Pins. I had looked at Planet Waves ebony pins and did put them on my Washburn guitar, seem to work okay. My issue with them is that they are shorter than the original pins; not that makes a difference to sound, but just something I had a problem with. Anyway I put a set of the Jellifish Hotrod Bridge Pins on my PR5-e and I am very happy with the results. It does sound brighter, but not brassy. I also put a set on my AJ200S, but maybe because of the solid top or that I had already replaced the saddle to bone I can't say I notice much difference. If you do decide to replace the plastic pins with Jellifish Hotrod Bridge Pins you may need to do a little work to get them to fit the bass strings; other than that for the cost I think they're worth a try.

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