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Danger gigging


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Morning all,

Completed a bit of a danger gig last night, not due to a rough place, or a rough crowd, more of a potential social disaster. After the weekend I was left with pretty sore, raw and extremely dodgy guts, spending quite a bit of time in the 'small room' in work yesterday. With my singer well and truly warned about holding the chorus till I got back if I had to dart off and all the accompanying jokes, we decided to fulfil our arranged gig. Danger-danger, I must admit to having the fear a little on the possibilities and the social suicide it would have been.


No food or liquids was the order of the day and we got through it ok but I was never quite so glad as when I got back home around midnight.


Last night was the night of the mini guitar, my singer played some model smaller than an 0 size, tiny little thing and I played my Keb Mo. I was going to take the SJ-200, but the strings were pretty dead so for the sake of handyness I took the Keb Mo.

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