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Show us your bass guitars


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Wow Searcy.... man you got a lot going on there.

What's the story with all the bass guitars?


LTD F-104. Had the most versatile, and best, sound of all the guitars in my price range :)










ChanMan, what's that spot on the edge of your bass?

Don't tell it's from you resting your thumb on it.

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My first guitar was a bass, a crate electra bought used for $90 around 12 years ago.


Neck is great, it stays in tune!


When i first got it, it was black with a white pickguard. I covered it in stickers (hence the stickers still on the headstock) while in my punk phase. During high-school, i decided it needed a makeover, so i ground off all the plastic-coated finish with a pummus rock, didnt bother sanding the gouges out, spraypainted it with a few coats of antique white and a couple clear coats, and jammed on a fender shell pickguard that didnt quite fit. I actually laid down a few tracks with it on an ep back in september, i will never let it go.

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I got just two cheapos but I like them both. I only use them for recording backing tracks but love playing bass, its just that little bit different to playing guitar..


This is a squire P bass which I actually refinished myself (used to be a dark sunburst colour)



Then more recently I got an Epi EB3 which is all good, but neck heavy.. Luckily I play it mainly sitting down so isnt an issue but I love the wiring on these basses with a varitone switch..


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Rabs, nice job on the refinish.

My first bass was a black Squire P-bass.



cheers man [thumbup] Ive actually had the Pbass for like 8 years and found it always did the job, great basses for a great price if you dont need a pro one (I also replaced the pups for Seymour Duncans to give it extra kick).. I just always wanted an SG bass too and I played the Epi EB3 side by side with a Gibson Standard SG Bass and prefered the Epiphone..

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