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a damned good night

Guest Farnsbarns

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Guest farnsbarns

Tonight two worlds collided. I arranged a practice room at a local studio because my mate has a new guitar and so do I so it seemed like a good idea to really rinse out each other's. I texted Simon and Philip off here and both decided to come so I added a drum kit so if anyone wanted they could jump on drums. It was bloody good fun. We had had 4 RI's between us, a telecaster and a non-chambered standard.


Between us we could do reasonable jams around hey Jo, whole lotta love, la grange, basket case and a few others. The main thing was, we had a blast! Haven't done that in ages.

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Guest farnsbarns

Wished I'd played!! ](*,)


Nerves nerves nerves!!


Day one... Week one!!


Thanks for the invite!


Was a blast!


Not at all, thanks for coming!


Play when you feel comfortable. Moose is on bass next time!

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What a Hoot!


4 Hours of fun and games! I haven't laughed so much for ages!


I'll have to re-aqcuaint myself with all those tracks (and plenty of others) for the next time to give Moose a bit more to work with.....I was amazed by quite how much I'd forgotten!


......Moose is on bass next time!....

Yeah! Serve Him Right! Talented Bloody Show-Off!




Cheers for the invite, Farns!



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Scream Studios, Croydon, South London, UK, Earth, The Milky Way, The universe.


Would this be in Europe or not?...kidding.


Last time I showed up for a jam my friend neglected to tell me that theer was a drummer, bass player, him on guitar and another guitar player. they all have been rehearsing a bit but since I have a 5-month old at home I have little time to rehearse.


Man, I was a wreck trying to jump in, in addtion I brought my Super Champ XD not my Mesa, the other guitar player had a Marshall with a ton of reverb, delay, echo, high gain with rail pickups.


There I was unrehearsed, with a small practice amp and an R8 feeling like a fish out of water, not my best night.


They did say my guitar was pretty so not everything was a waste of time [crying]

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