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Help identifying an Epiphone by Gibson Bass


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Hello everyone,

Hope this is the appropriate place to get some help concerning a certain model of an Epiphone bass. I bought it a few years ago and it doesn't say anything other than 'Epiphone by Gibson' on the headstock- I also can't find its serial number anywhere on it. I think it's an 80's model but does anyone know how i can find out the exact type and how much it's worth? I'm attaching the pictures (please excuse the horrid stickers, I didn't place them there). Thanks so much to anyone who reads and takes interest!

post-40996-020622600 1330010411_thumb.jpg

post-40996-090254400 1330010581_thumb.jpg

post-40996-090949900 1330010606_thumb.jpg

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You have a 1986-1988 Accu Bass. The "Epiphone By Gibson" branding and that particular headstock were only used for those three years. Beyond that, it is impossible for me to tell you exactly what year it was made without the serial number.


The Accu Bass is probably worth around $100-$150 depending on the condition.

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The serial number was probably on a sticker located on the back of the neck-heel or the headstock. Its not uncommon for these early Samick-made guitars to have no serial number sticker. Either people take them off or they fall off after time.


No, there is no other way to tell that I am aware of. There werent any changes to this bass within those three years to make it possible to pin-point the exact year. In later years Epiphone put the serial number on the neck plate.


Sorry I cant narrow it down further, but that is as close as I can get without a serial number.

Here is a little more info and some specifications for the Accu Bass. Its probably mostly stuff you may already know.




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