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looking to fit hipshot d tuner to my sg bass 2011 model...any ideas .... [unsure] thanks.. also..,strings..short scale..i jus got some dadario med guage 50-105's...anybody got any others they've used and would reccommend..?.


Congratulations on your SG - quite a few of us here have SGs and love 'em. I can't give you any ideas on the tuner, as I've never seen one on an SG. My only advice (and you've probably tried it) would be to tune the E string to D, and see if the string still has enough tension. I just did that to mine, and it was pretty floppy with some fret buzz. But - I like low action, and use DR .045 - .105 round-wound Low Riders on mine, so maybe a heavier gauge and a higher action would work better for the drop D tuning. There are many opinions here on string types and gauges; I like DR round-wounds, but many of the guys prefer flats and even tape-wounds. You should probably go with the type string you're used to. You don't have to limit yourself to whatever strings are available in short-scale; the tuners on that SG will handle a long-scale string cut to length with no problems.


Let us know how you make out with the Hipshot tuner! [biggrin]

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I agree with K. I suggest you check first to see whether you can get the string to work. Short scales are already pretty loose - taking it down a step may not be practical.


If anything flatwounds are have substantially less amplitude that rounds. Having said that - I like to use Chromes on my 34" scale basses. I recently had a short scale set on my Triumph and they were pretty loose, even for flats.


Look at these DR's that are designed for Drop down tuning on standard scale basses:

Drop Down Tuning Dr's


A .115 E string is what it takes to maintain tonal stability. This kind of thing doesn't always translate well to short scale, so make sure your bass can do it before you spend the money on the Hipshot.

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