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My thinking is. I had no one to help me. So if I can help a child learn to play, it's got to be worth it.

Imagine being the one that got Hendrix or Slash etc into playing? How satisfying would that be?

I'll post a pic of the girl at mine. She looks like a little Paul Gilbert with her heaphones on.



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Yeah man, awesome stuff. and what a bargin... and good on you :)


I too will help anyone out who shows interest in learning.. I once gave one of my guitars away to a flat mate who I was helping to learn (I wish I still had it now though, it was a Kay 60 double cut, natural finish with a through neck and ive never seen one like it since)... but i dont regret it really..


and talk of ebay bargins, ive seen these acrylic guitars up, and they go really cheap sometimes, what do you guys reckon.. (I just think it may be a cool cheapo thing to have). They dont seem to have any for sale right now but they come up from time to time.




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