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My vid of me playing my DC Faded


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So ive had this video up for a while now on YouTube and have finally decided to share with you guys.. (its been a while since I shared anything like this (and sorta nerve racking showing to seasoned pros and the like on here [unsure] ). I used to gig many years ago and was a sound engineer for a bit so shouldnt be, but still, I guess after a while your confidence creeps away a bit


Its about three years old now (I should probably do a new one) and previous to that I hadnt concentrated much on lead playing, I am self taught and can play a bit of lead and I only play by ear (well 98% of the time) but am getting there bit by bit... but was always mainly a rhythm player..


This is on my DC faded that I restored myself (cos someone sanded the top down) and just playing through a little Marshall MG15 DFX (which ive seen people moan about, but I like its sound :)).. just me mucking around doing nothing in particular a bit of Led Zep then just whatever came out (I like to try and play as naturally as possible).. No pedals or anything, just the guitar and the amp with a bit of reverb and (obviously) distortion.. (and was recorded on my compact cam which is why you can hear the picking and bleeps from my PC :P)


Anyway please be gentle :huh:


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LOL, yup watched it just for the alien. I love the body style of that guitar. Have yet to actually play one. Enjoyed the playing; I just hate that single coil hum; gawd I hate it.

Haha.. Alien..


And thanks.. nice to get some positive feedback..(rather than none)


Yeah I love double cuts now since ive had this one, as soon as Gibson releases a new DC Standard I think I will have to get one.. The shape is so comfortable and the upper fret access if far better than single cuts...


Id say go try one.. I cant imagine someone not liking them :)


If Gibson did one like this id have to get it whatever (even though I cant afford anything at the moment due to redundancy :( ) (I may even have to sell one of mine as im still paying one off [unsure] )



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