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Hi all...here's an Ebay listing. A B25 with ( 5 ) tuners that the seller believes are original. The 6th is obviously a replacement Kluson. I suggested that the 5 were add ons and the single is 'model appropriate'. I feel I've seen these on older Guild acoustic and electric guitars. Do any of you recognize these angular machines and were they ever used on this era Gibson?



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I don,t think they used them on Gibson of any era. ...



If you want to provide the seller with evidence, there are plenty of photos of 1967 B-25s available on Google, and they all have the standard 3-on-a-plate white button Klusons.


-- Bob R

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I was given an old Epiphone acoustic recently with no tuners.

However, the screw holes were in the 'diagonal' pattern

like those B-25 tuners. Looking at Epiphones online, the originals were indeed the same as the B-25.They are still available, and are the cheapest

and lowest quality available. Still, I have ordered some for the Epi.!

Gibson never used these.

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