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I have a 60's model SG special s/n 63487 and pot# 1346241. It should be a '63 model but it has the larger "batwing" pickguard and the neck/body joint is nearly seamless(completely smooth) like they are almost one piece. If you look close you can see the joint. It is lefthanded and has fret markers on the binding on top and bottom. The truss rod cover says Custom. It was purchased used in'71 or '72 and nothing has been repaired or replaced on it since I have owned it. Does anyone have a clue about what year it is?

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The first thing that I'm going to say is that you can't always go by serial numbers.


Many SGs have been renecked, a '60s SG with all original parts and finish is very rare.


I'd like to see pictures of the body, neck joint, and headstock, front and back, pictures of the back of the pickups and of the control cavity.


If you post those pictures than I can give you a reasonable idea of what you really have.

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You have a 1963 SG Special that has been modified.


I'm assuming that it has the original neck because it's a '63 serial number and the pot codes are late '62, so that would be consistent with late '62 or early '63 manufacture.


The neck joint has been "smoothed" over, which I've seen before, though it's usually done on LPs for better upper fret access, you rarely see it on SGs.


The pickguard is not original, for 1 of 2 reasons-


Someone decided that they liked the batwing pickguard look, and changed the pickguard, or-


The P-90 holes were routed for humbuckers, and when the P-90s were put back in the larger pickguard was used to cover the larger holes.


It's hard to tell for sure from the picture of the back of the P-90, but the hole looks oversized to me.


The finish on the neck joint, and the inside of the enlarged pickup hole, means that it was refinished, in whole or in part.


The tuners and hardware look original, except for the truss rod cover, which is wrong for that SG.


I see no evidence of holes for a short Vibrola, though they could've been covered when it was refinished.


I doubt that it had the Vibrola because you have an angled non-compensated tailpiece- if you had the Vibrola it would've had the compensated "stairstep" tailpiece.


I would like to see a picture of it with the pickguard removed to see of it was routed for humbuckers.


Much of the value of the guitar was destroyed in the modifications, especially the heel smoothing.


That doesn't mean that it's not a nice player grade guitar.


As long as it plays and sounds good to you, enjoy it for what is, and don't worry about what value it may have.

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Thanks for the info and sorry for not replying sooner; it has been a bad week. I guess I was just wondering if it was worth anything more than the $125 my gave for it back when I was in highschool(got it for Christmas). It was my only guitar for many years and first decent one. Played many great gigs with it but I mainly play a '79 Strat or a Peavy Tracer lately. I think I"ll break it out and start using it more. Thanks again.

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I don't plan on abusing, selling or trading it; it has too much sentimental value and history. I just didn't want to take it to bars and other gigs where it could be be stolen or damaged. I just play in the worship and praise band at church now so it should be safe there(no wild-eyed patrons yelling Freebird and such).

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