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I just got back from a couple of days in Lethbridge Alberta (visiting my daughter at university).


There is a great vintage guitar shop there called "Lucky Star Guitars". I've been there once before a couple of years ago. They always have the most amazing instruments. It is like a guitar museum where they bring all the great old classics out and put them in your hands to play!


Here is a photo of one wall. I was too excited playing all these instruments to take more photos:




I played an AMAZING 2003 "Original Jumbo". What a cannon! Holy Schmeck!


I'd play a guitar and talk about my guitars and the Tom would wander to the back of the shop and pull out a dusty old case and say "Oh wait 'till you see this one!"


I played a 1933 Gibson archtop - no idea of what model.


I played a 1943 LG-2 with a neck like a Louisville Slugger.


I played a 1962 Gretsch Tennessean (I was very close to buying this one)


I played a 1963 Epiphone Texan (very very tiny neck)


Then Tom put a POS Fender acoustic in my hands. I said WTF is this? He plugged it into a very unique little amp and had my play it. It had a K&K Western mini pickup system in it and this guitar sounded amazing... I mean... for a FENDER acoustic! I'm seriously thinking of replacing the Aura in my J200 with a K&K... it was THAT good.


In the photo, the archtop with the Bigsby is, I think, a '59 ES 175.

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Thanks for the heads-up, Doug. I've never been to that dealer before. Last time I was in Lethbridge, we limped in with an unbalanced wheel on the truck (on a Sunday...), so needless to say, we were happy just to get some servicing the next day and off we went.


But if I happen to go through Lethbridge again sometime, I'll make a point to let the wind blow me in!



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Jeremy at Fuller's told me once that the OJ's that gibson put out in 2003 are the best ones they have ever done.

did you take any guitars home ?



he told me he has one of them at his home for personal use and it's from the 2003 run.




No JC, I didn't take any home. Although that OJ was truly astonishing. When he handed it to me I thought, oh, ok, a J45, and that I wouldn't really appreciate it because I really haven't played a slope shouldered Gibson I've bonded with. However, this OJ must be a LOT deeper body than most Gibson slopes.. because this thing made you insides vibrate! A total wow! So was the price I might add.

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Looks like a great shop Doug. I wished there was one like that within a reasonable distance of me.

My question is, How was the pricing? Were some of these guitars on consignment? Do they sell on Ebay also?

I think most of us would be like a kid in a candy store.... [laugh]

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