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I think I'm going to do some mods to my lester


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...not that I don't like her the way she is, but I think I'm going to do some mods...


Here's what I've been thinking:


- pickup covers (for sure... I love the way guitarjunkie's guitar looks with those covers!)


- knob position markers (100% sure I'm doing this)


- change the knobs to the ones that come in the 1960 VOS... (top hat knobs with plated top, 100% sure I'll change them)


- straplocks (already has them, but I think they count as a mod...)


- change pots to 500K ... now I think I'll be doing this as some of you guys say there is a huge difference in tone, BUT, I dont know which ones I should buy (brand, type, anything else?).


- caps... I know less about this than what I know about them pots ](*,) ... anyone willing to give me a hand?



I want to buy everything from the same place if posible, can you recommend an online store? I will need it shipped all the way to Ecuador so that's why I would preffer to buy everything in the same store... less things to worry about.


If some of you have done any of this mods, please elaborate on them (which parts did you use, where dis you buy them, and of course, how you did it), I could really us the input.

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Shouldn't your Les Paul already have 500k pots?

If you do actually need to get pots - CTS brand are supposed to be really good. I think that is what I had for a bridge replacement pot before I went to a push/pull pot.


There is a recent thread about caps that may prove helpful. Right now, I'm using Sprague Orange drops. Some people like Paper in Oil (PIO) caps such as Jenson's. Others want bumble bee pots ($42. each). RS Guitar Works do not sell the Sprague's however. I bought my at Guitar Parts Resource


Happy modding!

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one-stop shopping. everything you need is here.




Talk to Billy at RS and describe what you are looking to do (or email since the long distance bill could be pricey).


I even removed my grounding plate and installed one of their pre-wired switches. Now I have all braided wiring along with their CTS pots (500k) and Luxe BumbleBee caps.


To djroge, Gibson USA LPs come stock with 300k linear taper volume pots and 500k audio taper tone pots.

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Shouldn't your Les Paul already have 500k pots?



I dont know... =P~ I have read that only custom shop models come with 500K and USA (mine is a USA model)

come with 300K (which I dont understand as humbuckers are supposed to be used with 500K pots, or so I believe).


I'll have to open her today and check that.



Thanks for all your comments guys... I'll look into that web and see if I can order everything I need from there.

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I would like guitarjunkie to step in and post some input on this:


Which pickup covers should I buy for burstbucker pros? The neck and bridge set or two neck covers or two bridge covers? I ask this because they are different and I think I remember someone said one wouldnt fit one of the pickups.

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